The Kate Spade & Company Foundation believes in the power of women to transform their communities especially through trade-based initiatives. The Foundation is committed to providing women with access to the training, tools and access necessary to achieve economic independence. We pursue this mission by supporting multi-dimensional programs that transition women from underserved communities into successful individuals that inspire the people around them.
The Kate Spade & Company Foundation invests in nonprofit organizations that address women’s economic empowerment. With our support, nonprofit organizations provide intensive hands-on training to women so they may, perhaps for the first time, enter the workforce, start their own business, or begin a career path that leads them out of poverty.
Giving is focused in the U.S. communities where Kate Spade & Company has a significant presence as well as a limited number of national initiatives.
In a given year, the Foundation provides approximately $1.2 million in the form of grants to nonprofit organizations whose goals and operations further our priorities. Grants are made in support of general operating expenses, direct services, public policy, public awareness, infrastructure, and occasionally for capital needs.
The Kate Spade & Company Foundation is focused on three pillars of grantmaking. These pillars provide opportunities to underserved women in New York City to leapfrog to a new life with immense possibilities.
It is what Kate Spade & Company was founded on. It’s in our roots. Investing in women leads to economic growth and job creation for everyone. Despite the increase of women-owned businesses in New York City, men still own 1.5 times more businesses than women, employ 3.5 times more people and make on average 4.5 times more revenue. 
We are an extremely digitally inclined company. However, only 12% of the tech workforce is women, with only 3% of the 1.5M jobs available in the tech sector over the next year going to US college educated women. Tech is a trade that offers immense opportunities where women can find employment that will allow them to support themselves, their families and inspire their communities.

Because you need bread, but you need roses too. Art is one of the leading industries in NYC, driving a major part of our local economy. There are career paths available in the arts, if you know where to look and someone to guide you. Art should be a part of everyone’s lives no matter what your background or where you are from.
Grant Proposals are currently being accepted via email to foundation@katespade.com from February 1, 2017 – March 31, 2017.  Only completed applications will be considered.

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