The Kate Spade & Company Environmental Policy pertaining to waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation programs will be reviewed annually.  An overview of our waste reduction and recycling efforts below:

Corrugated Cardboard – The Company's distribution centers shall recycle corrugated cardboard via a dedicated compactor or baler.

Paper Recycling – The Company's locations shall recycle office paper. 

Old Growth Forest Conservation – The Company proactively does business with vendors that abide by an Old Growth Forest Program, which states that the vendor does not supply paper products made from an Old Growth Forest. The Company will undertake to deal only with suppliers that agree not to use materials derived from pulp or wood that comes from clear cutting ancient rain forests, unless such products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (or similar organization). Vendors are required to submit certification that they are in compliance with the grades of paper that are used in the products that they supply to determine if they are in compliance with the foregoing standard.

The Company is committed to work towards reducing our overall consumption of paper through conservation and efficiencies – key elements of a sustainable approach.
Lamp Recycling – Lamps which contain hazardous metals such as mercury shall be recycled in accordance with EPA guidelines.
Computer Monitors – Monitors that are designated by the Company's Information Services (IS) Department as obsolete or are non-operational shall be picked up for recycling by a company specializing in computer equipment recycling.
Other Items - In addition to the above the Company recycles several materials on an ongoing basis including bottles and cans, plastic bags, pallets, metal and hangers, among other substances.