The Kate Spade & Company Environmental Policy pertaining to waste reduction, recycling and resource conservation programs will be reviewed annually.  Below is an outline of our resource conservation efforts:

Energy Conservation – The Company has a centralized energy management system in place to encourage energy conservation. As needed, old lamps, ballasts and light switches at U.S. distribution centers and office locations are being replaced with high efficiency lighting such as “green” lamps and ballasts. As needed, light switches are being replaced with energy-saving motion detector switches that will automatically turn off the lights with a timer after the last person leaves a room.

Energy-saving features built into computer hardware, programs and equipment to automatically shut down computer monitors and other peripherals when not in use shall be installed on computer equipment.
All distribution centers and office locations shall employ building management systems and/or setback thermostats to control environmental conditions based on occupancy and time of day.
Water Conservation – Conservation of water shall be done in a variety of manners across the company including, but not limited to, by installing spring loaded faucet handles in bathrooms on the hot and cold water valves as needed. Whenever possible low flush toilets should be installed.  
Use of High Carbon Fuels – With regard to our transportation network, we are particularly concerned about the risks that climate change poses to the global economy and to our individual businesses. While we are taking many steps to reduce our carbon footprint, we are concerned that this progress could be thwarted by the increasing carbon intensity. We are concerned about the growing trend toward higher ‘embedded’ energy consumption and larger environmental footprints of transportation services and fuels due to the escalating use of high carbon fuels, such as those linked to Canada’s Tar Sands. Use of high carbon fuels is inconsistent with our values and objectives. We are encouraging our service providers, to eliminate such fuels from our transportation footprint, reduce overall fuel use, and shift our transportation services toward lower carbon modes wherever feasible.
Construction Sustainability Practices – The Company will utilize energy-saving designs in new building construction wherever possible. This might include installing high-efficiency metal halide lighting, specifically designed to reduce energy consumption and heat generation and fluorescent lamps in hallways and stockrooms. For locations with exterior storefront systems, specialized window tints and low-E glass will be used to prevent heat gain during the summer months.
Wherever possible, the Company shall utilize contractors that specialize in the disposal and recycling of construction debris to minimize the impact to local landfills. Special attention is used in sourcing materials within 500 miles of the project to reduce transportation costs and emissions to the environment.
This policy applies to all Kate Spade & Company Operations and shall be communicated to all associates.