Our arts grantees include Ghetto Film School and New Inc, non-profits giving promising     young artists the opportunity to develop their ideas. Here are two of their inspiring stories.

Our technology grantees include Per Scholas   and Girls Who Code, non-profits that provide IT and coding training and open up new worlds of opportunities for women. Here are two of their inspiring stories.

Our entrepreneurship grantees include Rising Tide Capital and Start Small, Think Big, non-profits providing small women-owned businesses support so that they can dream big and truly affect change. Here are three of their inspiring stories.

Here are some examples of the organizations we support in the three areas of Women in Technology, Women in Entrepreneurship and Women in the Arts.

Coalition for Queens

Coalition for Queens was founded to help develop and foster a tech community that is a better reflection of society with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Their work is helping increase economic opportunity and transforming Queen’s diverse community into a leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. The average pre-training income of graduates is $25,000 with an average outgoing salary of 3x that amount. 

Per Scholas
For more than 20 years, Per Scholas has been working towards breaking the cycle of poverty by providing technology access and tailored curricula to motivated students from overlooked talent pools in underserved communities.
New Inc.
NEW INC is the first museum-led incubator, shared workspace and professional development program designed to support creative practitioners working in the areas of art, technology, and design. It is a new model for a museum with a lab-like environment for the development of new ideas, practices, and models in the pursuit of innovation.

In partnership with NEW INC, The Kate Spade & Company Foundation will support professional development, mentorship, and leadership training for underserved, female entrepreneurs looking to investigate new ideas and develop a sustainable practice.

International Rescue Committee
The International Rescue Committee in New York (IRC in NY) has been helping refugees, asylees and other immigrants rebuild their lives in NYC for over 75 years, helping over 3,000 individuals each year regain a sense of stability, safety, and self-respect while also becoming self-sufficient, contributing members of their new communities

It is currently estimated through the IRC efforts that only one woman is placed in an employment position to every five males placed. In partnership with The Kate Spade & Company Foundation, the IRC will foster gender-specific support focusing on implementing gender-specific programs that will work to remove the barriers to job placement and better address the economic needs for female clients.

Ghetto Film School

Ghetto Film School (GFS) was founded to educate, develop and celebrate the next generation of great American storytellers. Based in the South Bronx, New York and MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, 820 students and alumni are annually engaged in the organization’s programming, always free of charge.

In 2009, GFS led a partnership with the NYC Department of Education to open The Cinema School (TCS) in the Bronx, the nation’s first and only film high school offering students a rigorous liberal arts curriculum grounded in creativity. The program enables substantive change by connecting a pool of emerging talent throughout New York City with film, media and creative businesses that are eager to recruit new voices underrepresented in these fields.

Start Small Think Big

Founded in the heart of the South Bronx, Start Small, Think Big (SMTB) strives to help low-to moderate-income entrepreneurs build and sustain thriving businesses in order to increase their personal financial security and stimulate economic activity in underserved communities in New York City.

SMTB currently targets entrepreneurs and small business owners who either live in or sell goods or services in underserved NYC communities who possess the fundamental building blocks to create and sustain viable businesses but lack the resources to afford or otherwise access professional legal and financial expertise.

In 2016, the company intends to develop and launch The Kate Spade & Company Foundation Market Access Program which will complement and build upon their current services by helping SMTB businesses link their goods and services to new markets, grow their businesses, and ultimately increase their business revenue.