We are a global corporation and take pride in a culture of achievement and excellence. Among our standards of excellence is the consistent goal to create a workplace in which our behaviors, practices and policies promote respect, opportunity and advancement for all our associates. A key to these standards in our culture is inclusion.

Inclusion reflects the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and outlooks our associates bring to the workplace. More importantly, inclusion focuses on behaviors and actions that reflect our value for diversity in our workplaces, communities and markets.

In our workplace, inclusion must be embodied in everything we do and be a vital part of our cultural fabric from ideas, concepts and processes to training, development, mentoring and our day-to-day relationships. Inclusion will allow us to attract and retain the best talent.

In our communities and the workforce from which we draw our associates, inclusion must be evident in our recruiting outreach and community involvement.

In our marketplace, inclusion is visible in our suppliers and in our sales and marketing initiatives.

Most of all, inclusion is a shared responsibility. Our senior executives have a responsibility as leaders of our Company to demonstrate a visible commitment to fostering an environment of inclusion. As associates of this Company, we all have a responsibility to model behaviors that honor and celebrate the unique contributions and perspectives our associates bring to this work we share.

Great companies accelerate the pace of change and push beyond the status quo to uncover new ideas, concepts, and opportunities.

Great companies fuel that acceleration by increasing inclusion initiatives and renewing the values and beliefs that guide their actions.

We are a great Company that we believe can be greater. Embracing differences, leading change through innovation, committing to common goals, valuing integrity in everything we do, and engaging the minds and energies of each and every associate — these will enable us to realize that greatness.

  Craig A. Leavitt
  Chief Executive Officer
  Kate Spade & Company